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Tyler Lawrence is an American DJ and producer who Beyond The Beats podcast called “the artist to watch". His obsession with music began as child, first picking up a guitar in the 5th grade, dreaming of rocking out on stage like Angus Young and Billie Joe. Although he's been producing and writing for years, he broke onto the music scene in 2019 after realizing the daily corporate life wasn't fulfilling his itch to create. In pursuit of his true passion, he began studying music once again at Pyramind Production School in San Francisco, and has since been gaining the attention of indie music press and podcasts. In just a few months after the release of his third single, "circles", his Spotify monthly listeners went from a few hundred to tens of thousands. Trying to find his sound, he took the last 2 years off to hone in on his production and who he wanted to be as an artist. Sitting on a catalog of unreleased trap, bass house, high energy tracks, he plans on cementing himself as a rising EDM star in 2023. Tyler is an artist who loves to love and lets his passion push him forward, using his drive for creation as an escape from daily life.


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